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The innovative sealing technology nanomosaic was specially developed for this type of glass mosaic, favourably supplementing the many advantages of goldor´mosaico. Applied subsequently this invisible coating has the effect of a breathable barrier to moisture and is a totally anti-adhesive component. Moisture does not penetrate into walls; dirt, grease and soaps pearl off along with the water. Calcification is prevented as is the formation of algae or moulds, which is common on moist grounds.

This long-term protection conserves the luminance of the glass mosaics and facilitates cleaning and maintenance, offering a high potential of time and cost savings.


High-tech sealing technology

nanomosaic is a special sealing fluid developed for goldor´mosaico glass mosaics and for grouting them. nanomosaic is based on chemical-physical Nano technologies. The ultra thin, lasting long-term protection makes it impossible for any moisture to penetrate into mosaics, walls or flooring. At the same time any watery, oily, greasy or soapy liquid will pearl of perfectly from sealings. Since it is not possible for dirt or calcification to really settle on the nanomosaic sealing, costs for cleaning are considerably reduced. Aggressive cleaning agents are no longer required; the original luminance in the precious mosaics is preserved permanently.


nanomosaic as an additional, invisible coating provides the goldor´mosaico glass mosaics with outstanding and lasting qualities:

  • Dirt, fats, soaps, calcifications etc. pearl off with water
  • Development of algae and mould is effectively prevented by the nanomosaic moisture barrier
  • Easy to clean surfaces reduce cleaning costs noticeably (in frequency, time required, exertion, and usage of cleaning agents/care products)
  • Improved maintenance of value and noticeable cost reduction in upkeeping
  • Approved cleanliness, brilliant and hygienic shine within easy reach


Nanotechnology exploits phenomena and structures which can only occur at the nanometer scale, the scale of several atoms and small molecules. Nano objects can have physical or chemical properties not observed in larger (macroscopic) objects.